Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Absolute Write Blog Chain - One colour.

Yep, time for August's Absolute Write blog chain. This month? If you had to pick one color, and one color only, for an aspect of your writing, which one would it be and why?

The person before me was Semmie and the one after me is CScottMorris

So, what colour do I ascribe to my writing?


Good night everybody!

I'm kidding

Leaving aside that my favorite colour is grey and my favorite time of day is dusk, my favorite season is fall and I love the rain, my writing is grey.

Everything I write seems to be riddled with despair and bleak situations: murder, abandonment, loss of faith, loss of love, emotional manipulation, hunter versus hunted and all those fun things.

I'm not a happy storyteller, where's the fun in that? Mine don't ride off into the sunset, I don't paint in sunset. I paint in muted colours.  Ash, beige, grey.

Not black, not really, black lacks depth and detail. Grey has shades and lights and other aspects to it, no matter how utterly depressing the final product turns out to be in the end.

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