Thursday, 23 May 2013

30 Day Comic Book Challenge - Day 3,4,5

The answer to Day 2 is...

Mr Gone

Mr. Gone from The Maxx.

Now, I failed to update this over the last few days so let's just get them all out of the way.

Day 03 - A comic that is underrated.

Yep. I was going to just put all of the Darkwing Duck comic, but Crisis on Infinite Darkwings was an awesome storyline. Not only did it pay homage to great comicbook lore(Iron Duck, Rorschach Duck, silver Darkwing), but it had great visual gags (Sailormoon Darkwing, Bowlingball Darkwing), some genuine heart, and scads of continuity from the old cartoon. I actually felt something for this storyline. Sadly after this storyline the comic dipped in quality. I liked Duckthulhu but Dangerous Currency was bland

Day 04 - Your guilty pleasure comic or character.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
Back when my friends and I were experimenting with comics, I wasn't nearly as selective as I am now. We read anything that was in the Wizard top 10 that had a chick on the cover. Shi, Vampirella, Darkchylde, Lady Death, Gen13, Witchblade... It was the 90s, we were stupid.
I think our favourite was Darkchylde. Back when I used to read it avidly, I thought the art was beautiful. Eventually I realized it was the colouring that was beautiful and the art was kind of very ugly.
However, I...still kind of like the book.
It's over-wrought to the point of laughable, NO 17 year old girl with a body like that talks like some high-brow novelist.
But time and time again, I keep reading and re-reading the Darkness/Darkchylde crossover. I can't get enough of it. It's ridiculous, Jackie's redesign is stupid, but it just hits me in all the right parts of the brain.

Day 05 - Comic character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).
Well I've been thinking about this one for...about an hour now. And I can't think of anyone. According to my friend it's Deadpool...So...Deadpool?
Sure. I'm funny, violent, creative and a science experiment. Deadpool it is.

Monday, 20 May 2013

30 Day Comic Book Challenge - Day 2

Day 02 - Your favourite character.
As I said in the previous post Rogue used to be my favourite character, but Marvel managed to screw her up and I felt out of fangirl for her.

Then I discovered Generation-X, specifically Chamber and Penance. These were cool, awesome broken characters and appealed to my dark goth side.
I named my knife Penance, and I bought Age of X and Loners simply because of Chamber and Penance respectfully.
[caption width="300" align="alignnone"]"...I believe we are kindred spirits, you and I..."[/caption]

But then came The Maxx and with it, one Artemis Pender (Mr.) Gone. I loved his dialog and he was genuinely creepy and did a very good "man behind the curtain" shtick. Hell, I still randomly recite some of his monologues to myself. Granted, I also recite the entire Crappon Inna Hat episode too, so there's that.
[caption width="300" align="alignnone"] "Pity, I normally hate killing amnesiacs..."[/caption]

But then, I still have my Jackie Estacado posters on my wall and I adore the video games...
[caption width="200" align="alignnone"] Remember when The Darkness was a comic with a sense of humour and self-awareness?[/caption]

And Parintachin is the best thing to exist in Poison Elves, hands down. Hilarious, frightening, insightful, loyal, sports a jester's hat...
[caption width="300" align="alignnone"] "I'm your Neurosis, my boy..."[/caption]

Oh wait, how could I possibly forget the one and only Deadpool?! Hell, he's the best thing both Rob Liefeld and Canada have ever done. Ever.
[caption width="300" align="alignnone"] BULLLEEETS!![/caption]

So, let's do this: In an effort to make this more inter-active, I'll put up a poll and you have to guess which is my favourite character. I'll give you all the answer tomorrow.
Feel free to leave a comment telling me why you think they are my favourite.

So, what do you think? Who's Q's Favourite Comic Book Character? free polls 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

30 Day Comic Book Challenge - Day One

Day 01 - Your first comic book.
I had purchased comic books before, stuff like Tiny Toons or Disney Adventures but they didn't really register in my brain as comics.

So what I consider to be my first comic was X-Men Unlimited #4.

X-Men Unlimited #4

My father and I went to a tiny corner store owned by this nice Asian man named Tony. He had a small selections of comics on a rack in back. I saw one with Rogue on the cover, who at the time was my favourite character from the 90's X-Men cartoon. I was blown away by her back-story and the twists revealed in that issue. I was so glad when they adapted that story into the cartoon.

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