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30 Day Comic Book Challenge Days 21-28

Day 21 - Favourite writer.
...Warren Ellis. Even his blog posts and tweets are a source of joy

Day 22 - A comic book second volume which disappointed you.
The Darkness.
While the winding down of the first volume of The Darkness was getting the rails stupid, and the comic was ALWAYS stupid, I found that Volume 2 lost all it's humour and charm and was just drudge-drudge-drudge so I dropped it after...3 or so issues.
Or maybe I just grew up.

Day 23 - Your favourite artist.
Sam Kieth.
Then a second-place tie with Joe Mad! and Chris Bachalo.
The first time I was aware of Joe Mad! it was with this image of Blink.

I had been aware of Bachalo since Generation X of course, but also I saw how he suddenly evolved in the X-Men comics around issue 350 of Uncanny X-Men.

Honourable Mentions: Roman Dirge (Lenore, Monsters in my Tummy), Serena Valentino(Nightmares & Fairytales), and Ashley Wood (Pick something he's done.)

Day 24 – dream character team up.

Day 25 - A book you plan on reading.
Just one? Impossible.
Chew, Umbrella Academy, The Molting, The Authority, The Boys, Hollow, Avenger's Academy...

Day 26 - A comic you wish they would make into a movie.
Transmetropolitan! Please please please please please please!

Day 27 - Favourite comic book movie.
Sin City
...That implies I liked it more than The Dark Knight, which I don't. But I don't consider The Dark Knight to be a comic book movie. Sin City is just so very faithful to the books, you see...

Day 28 - Favourite comic publisher.
I don't have a favourite. I go by actual comic, not publisher.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Art: Myles McCarthy Flier

Myles McCarthy flier by ~AnarchicQ on deviantART

For my nephew. He wanted a pop-art vibe.

Check out his music at

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Admitting it is the First Step to A Solution...

When I was a young, lower-case Q, I told myself "If I ever make a thing, I'm not going to have a romance in it. Everything has an obligated romantic interest! Not me! I'm going to buck the trend!"

I started Elven Lacryment and a one-sided romance started to pop up, and...I'm running with it.

Also I wrote Project C and the protagonist gets a romantic interest.

Amethyst Breed has a cast of teenagers, hormones will fly all over the place so of course there will be romantic interests. If I ever get off my butt and dig it out of the trunk again.

Blood In the Water has a few romantic couples but they were couples before the story so that doesn't count. So far Blood In the Water is the only one staying true to my convictions.

And then there's Next to Godliness. Love and lust is everywhere in this thing. It's a driving motivator and manipulator for many characters. Love triangles, love squares, love dodecahedrons, love potions, love enchantments, Stockholmey love, Big Damn Hero love, unrequited love, I-love-my-best-friend love, Ours-is-a-forbidden-love-and-that-is-why-we-are-in-love love...

Near the end of writing it, I realized the running theme seemed to be "Horrible things will be done in the name of Love."

I have broken down the cold callous stone walls around my heart and embraced the tragedy of love. Since I am now actively submitting Next to Godliness to publishers, I've expanded my list to include romance publishers.

So, let's see how this strategy works out. Show some love, eh?

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hashtag Blog Post Dot Com

I'm not big on things like NaNoWriMo and I almost never take part in Blog Hops. But last night I took part in #PitchMAS on Twitter and it was fun and mildly exciting.

I focused mainly on NEXT TO GODLINESS and a bit on BLOOD IN THE WATER. Just for the heck of it I tossed out one pitch for PROJECT C. Sadly I didn't get any bites from agents or publishers but it was fun. Some pitches that showed up seemed amazing stories which I'd love to read while others just made me go "...really?"

Below are the Tweets:






And my personal favourite, the finale:

Will I do it, or something like it again? Yea verily!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

30 Days Comic Book Challenge Days 14-20

Day 14 - Current (or most recent) comic-themed wallpaper.
My own art is my desktop wallpaper, but my wallpaper on my old cellphone was a trading card of The Maxx sent to me courtesy of my friend Ason.

Day 15 - A Picture from the comic you’re reading right now.

Yes, I'm still reading Transmetropolitan. I'm slow. I'm on book 9 though so I'm almost done!

Day 16 - Funniest comic book/comic book scene.
Deadpool. I can't think of a certain scene at the moment, there are far too many.

Day 17 - Most useless Villain.

But he's still awesome.

Day 18 - Favourite B-list character.

She probably counts as C or D list, but I love her.

Day 19 - Comic book city/universe you wish you lived in.
My favourite is Gotham City but I have no desire to live there.

Day 20 - Favourite super power or skill.
Healing factor. Being chronically ill will do that to a girl. The only down side is living while all your loved ones die around you. Also, boredom.

Friday, 5 July 2013

The Diabolical Next to Godliness Plan (And Some Project C Thoughts, & Status Updates...)

I have a plan for unleashing NEXT TO GODLINESS upon the world.

In October 2012 I submitted NEXT TO GODLINESS to the Harper Voyager Open Submission Call. I also submitted PROJECT C. Harper Voyager rejected one of the submissions but did not clarify which one. I choose to believe they rejected PROJECT C and that NEXT TO GODLINESS is still under consideration.

Now, the exclusive period for Harper Voyager has passed and in May 2013 I got off my butt and actively started submitting NEXT TO GODLINESS. The next place was Strange Chemistry, which I submitted on my birthday because I'm weird like that.

In June, I've submitted to about seven or eight places, including two fairly big name places and have been rejected by two.

I've decided, under the advice of a friend, to revisit publishers that previously rejected PROJECT C because said friend's point of view was "They rejected your story, not you."

So I'm going to submit to as many places as I am able until about July 2014, then I'm going to look at self-publishing the book on my own. So I hope to have NEXT TO GODLINESS out by say, December 2015. Yes, for the holiday season! Of course, if it gets picked up for publication that date goes out the window.

Meanwhile, I've got a bug up my butt about PROJECT C, namely, that I want to rewrite the thing from scratch. I wrote it in a small period of time and I've grown as a writer and a person. It needs a lot of tweaking and it's so very...I don't know a good word...indulgent? Maybe...

For example, I did start re-writing it and I scratched the first few pages right away. They were too busy lovingly building the world.

In other news, I have two more vaguely pending writing projects that I'm thinking about; a post-apocalyptic love story (I know, I know. Hey, I have a niche!) and something that's stuck with me since I was a lowercase Q.

I will keep this adventure moderately updated.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

30 Days of Comic Books Challenge - 11 to 13

Day 11 - Favourite comic book cartoon series.

Day 12 - A comic everyone should read.

Day 13 - A book you’ve read more than five times.

The answer to all of these questions is

Monday, 1 July 2013

30 Day Comic Book Challange Days 6-10

It's been a while, huh? Well, I've been uninspired, and stressing setting down a new writing project and making no headway. How fun is that?

Day 06 - Most annoying character.
This one has stalled me for weeks!
Finally I decided on an old classic.
Cyclops is a weenie. I never could root for him. Ever.

Day 07 - Favourite comic couple.
This might surprise everyone but...
Cynthia/Winston from Poison Elves.

Cynthia is a healer elf for the thieves guild and Winston is a tattoo bearing human monster hunter with a boy's name. Together they get locked up in a jail for a few days and click. But Cynthia doesn't know if Winston is into girls...
It was really brief and I would have loved to see where it went before Drew Hayes passed away. But honestly? I think it had the most 'realistic' feel to it out of any Poison Elves relationship.

Day 08 - Best series being published right now.
Deadpool. I'm actually finding comics to be pretty lacking right now.

Day 09 - Most touching comic book/comic book scene.
The final issue of The Maxx, the nail-clipper scene. Not ashamed to say I cried a bit.

Day 10 - Dream Vs match.



can come too.

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