Next to Godliness is a cross-mythological story about The murder of the Three Fates and how the Gods handle existence without destiny. The new natural way of things is a chaos reign and a lock-down between Pantheons is actively enforced. Suspicion spreads like wild fire as many wonder what, exactly, can kill a God?

Atropos: One of the Fates, the Crone, the one who severs the Thread of Fate. She is the one who is murdered, and as she died so too did the other two Fates.

Zeus: King of the Greek Gods and ruler of Olympus, he and Odin struggle to maintain order while Gods are slain one by one.

Athena: Virginal Greek Goddess of wisdom and war. She it tasked by her father Zeus to uncover the identity of the murderer.

Greek goddess of love and lust. She is far trickier and more cruel than her beautiful face shows.

Hades: Greek God of the Underworld and the first to find Atropos, he feels Zeus suspects him of the murders.

Odin: Norse God of Magic and Wisdom. King of the Norse Gods. He, along with Zeus, tries to keep balance and quell fears and act rationally as the murderer still runs free.

Loki: Norse trickster deity. The cruellest of the Tricksters, Odin suspects him of the murders and aims to prove it.

Anubis: Egyptian jackal-headed Guardian of The Dead and Judge of souls, he created the art of embalming and treats death with reverence. He is called upon to judge the Tricksters.

Camazotz: Mayan blood drinking bat-Goddess of death, night and sacrifice. She is violent, aloof and holds contempt for most everyone. She is a wild card and serves no higher God, therefore she can get her hands dirtier than most.

Inuit Goddess of the Sea. As a maiden she was given to Raven as a bride but upon delivery to him she clung to her father's canoe into the frozen water. Her father smashed her frozen fingers which turned into sea creatures. Without hands she sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Raven: Inuit trickster God in the form of a humanoid raven.

Baroness Camazotz

Next to Godliness Title Image

Anubis - This I Love

Camazotz - Shadow of Your Heart

Hunter and Arc and Anubis.
Hunter and Arc from Suicide for Hire

Anubis - With the Lantern I Made from My Skin

Anubis Stencil


Anubis and Nixon Universe Hop
. Nixon belongs to Big Josh.

Anubis Photomanipulation


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